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Ikáy - Thugz Mansion 2019 (Audio)

Updated: May 20, 2021

Intro Yo Craig, they say I’m crazy, They could never understand the mind of a soldier, Verse 1 Born different, View da world from a 20/20 God’s vision, While my homies situated in da morgue wit da mortician, Surprised I survived 29 years of this hard living, Obsessed with death, everyday it’s on my mind, Revolutionary state of mind whenever Che’s on my mind, I wonder, what would happened if he succeeded in Congo, Would capitalism crumble, A true lion in da jungle, Stay humble, Hard to be great with rats and flees among you, Did you feel betrayed, When Castro turn the other way, Participating in this war is like taking a pledge to die, Real soldiers make sacrifices, promised a hard death, a bullet to da dome from da FBI. Cho There are places I'll remember, All my life, though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone, but some remain, And these places have their moments, With lovers and friends, I still can recall, Some are dead, and some are living, In my life, I've loved them all. Verse 2 As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, All the light in this world overshadowed by stress, My brother just got engaged, give praise my brother you’re blessed, Remember da lessons da streets taught us, Once was a son now you your sons father, All about family now, Remember when I used to rock your hand me downs, I was da flyest, Jail house and court house when they try us, You can’t kill da unkillable, forever immortal, 2Pac told you bout Thugz Mansion and I hit you wit part two, For my people in da hood gun slinging, Perilous upbringing, Feel like you’re drowning, a lifeguard is impossible, Homie found love in da hospital, When his daughter was born, She opened her eyes, he held her in his arms, Opened da bible, blessed her with a psalms, Prayed his only child don’t suffer for his wrongs, Trapped in a world of poverty, what he gots to lose, Nothing, on da block hustlin’, just another brother for da cops to shoot, And tha same daughter grew up to be a prostitute, The cycle. Cho But of all these friends and lovers, There is no one compares with you, And these memories lose their meaning, When I think of love as something new, Though I know I'll never lose affection, For people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about them, In my life, I'll love you more. Verse 3 Working hard like a Mexican, Riding his bike, food delivery, minimum wage, What’s his pay, 50 bucks for the day, He sent half back to Mexico so his mom and sisters could eat, Cause in this world, ain’t no living for free, Works 12 hours a day doing delivery all week, Feeling weak, While da boss man pockets getting fatter, Cause to him, immigrants don’t matter, Even da president hates him, Implementing sanctions on immigration, I came to the realization, that we all need each other, One blood, one family, no matter the shade, My whole family got displaced when my own brother invade, I dedicate this verse to Nas, That God Son tape gave birth to Gods, Many quick to doubt you, For the record, I never believe a thing that your ex said about you, There are places I’ve been that I’ll never return, Troubleshooting life, we live and we learn, Till death comes, Damn! it’s like we’re all living to burn. Cho Though I know I'll never lose affection, For people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about them, In my life I'll love you more, In my life I'll love you more.

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